General Adoption Form


This application is for all animals EXCEPT pigs and alpaca. Please make sure you are filling out the correct application form. (Links to Potbellied Pig and Alpaca adoption agreements are on their respective pages of this website).

This Adoption form consists of 2 parts. Part #1 is the Adoption Agreement (top) and Part #2 is the (form) Adoption Application. Ultimately, within the adoption process, both parts will require your signature. The Application form MAY be sent directly to Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc. by completing the form and clicking the "Submit" button. However, as the form can not be signed prior to sending, doing so only serves to alert Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc. of your interest in an animal. It will not be considered an official application until such time as a signature is attached. It will, however, remain on file awaiting your signature should you proceed with the adoption. IN NO CASE will the application be processed until the application fee is paid. (If you prefer, PayPal may be used to pay this fee).

Option #1. To avoid any confussion or duplication of effort, we suggest that you first complete the form on screen. Once completed, print this page. Doing so results in 3 separate pages. One page will print the Agreement, one page will print the form (including your entries), and the 3rd will print these instructions (which you can discard). Sign the agreement, sign the form, include any required documents, include the fee, and mail everything to Hog Heaven Rescue Far, Inc. as one.
Option #2. Apply in person at Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc.

NO adoptions West of the MISSISSIPPI. NO exceptions. Vet refrences must be in to us within 10 days or the animal(s) will be put back as available for adoption and the processing fee will not be refunded..

A note regarding Horses. 7 days after an equine has been approved for adoption the adoptor is responsible for board of $100.00 a month along with farrier, vet and deworming needs. We hope you understand that this needs to be done as animals that are adopted and remain here for months still require our full time care. This prevents new animals in need from arriving.


ADOPTION AGREEMENT (revised 4/22/07)

I accept the adoption of the animal described below from Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc.. I agree with Hog Heaven's assessment that the animal is in good health. I do understand, however, that there are no expressed or implied guarantees relative to the health or temperament of the animal. I accept responsibility for the care of the animal described below and will make all reasonable attempts to care for this animal in a manner that is generally considered appropriate for this species. This includes but not limited to hoof care, worming, and inoculations. Adopter must be 18 years of age or older, and have the financial means for supporting the animal in question.
The animal described below is to be a pet for my immediate family and myself. I agree to notify Hog Heaven if the animal is moved from the location below and will send a photo once a year of the animal and complete the questionnaire I receive annually. If the animal is a male, I agree to have him castrated as soon as physically possible. Breeding of any female animal adopted is NOT permitted.
I assume responsibility and agree to hold harmless from liability Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc. or its agents for any claim that may arise from the adoption of the animal described below.
I understand that barbed wire fencing is NOT permitted to contain any animal adopted from Hog Heaven Rescue Farm Inc. and I will adhere to this policy for the safety of the animal.
I am aware of the following adoption fees and agree to make payment to Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc. the full amount for the animal being adopted in cash or money order. Adoption fees are based on the soundness of the animal, the training of the animal, and a partial reimbursement of expenses HHRF has incurred to train or rehabilitate the animal. The adoption fee for this particular animal is $________. Companion animals which are horses that cannot be ridden have a set adoption fee of $100. Goats and sheep also have a set fee of $60.00. I am also aware and agree, if for any reason the animal is returned to Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc. that I will NOT receive any portion of the adoption fee. This NO REFUND policy is due to the fee helping to offset the cost of other animals in need and/or will be used to help care for the returned animal until he or she finds a new home.
I have read and understand the foregoing and voluntarily sign this Animal Adoption Agreement which is a legal binding agreement. If I do not adhere to this agreement in any portion, I will also be responsible for any and all costs regarding legal representation including Hog Heavens representation in having said animal returned to Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc.
If FOR ANY REASON, you decide down the road that you cannot keep the horse or pony you adopted or the horse or pony isn't working out for you for some reason, you must contact us first. If we have the space, which typically we do not because we fill to capacity quickly, we can take the horse back. You will forfeit any adoption fee you previously paid. This is why we work so hard to find the best homes possible...we do not want this situation to arise for anyone! But we do understand that things in life happen...loss of job, pregnancy, moving, etc. If we are unable to bring the horse back to our facility, you will be responsible for finding a new home for him, and continuing the necessary care until a new home is found. We will do what we can to assist you with this. Our only requirement is that any new home must agree to the terms and conditions on the original contract.

I agree to the terms set forth in this agreement:

Signature_________________________________________________ Date ______

Signature of Hog Heaven Representative_____________________________________________

Due to the overwhelming number of hoofed animals available out there, we ask that you respect the NON Breeding policy. We believe in breeding to improve a breed, but not breeding just for the sake of creating more animals. Please consider adoption rather than breeding in the future.

Thank you for adopting and supporting our cause.

(NOTE; If approved, you will be required to initial and sign a hard copy of this agreement. We will also require your SS number and a copy of your drivers licence.)


First Name*
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Weight (if you plan to ride)
Date of Birth
Name of animal of interest
Veterinarian's Name
Veterinarian's Phone Number
Veterinarian's FAX Number
Veterinarian's Address Line 1
Veterinarian's Address Line 2
Farrier Name
Farrier Phone Number
Name and location where animal will be housed
Name and phone number of Stable Manager
Names and phone numbers of 2 Personal References
I am aware that I am responsible for ALL costs incurred should I need to return an animal to HHRF and that HHRF does NOT refund any adoption fees.*

I am enclosing my $20.00 Processing Fee. If approved, I will send my required deposit for this animal.*
I need hauling service
I have read the FAQs page*
Additional comments or questions
I Agree to the terms and conditions of this contract. (Sign and Date)