About Hog Heaven

Hog Heaven Rescue Farm began in 1998 and was incorporated and established as a not for profit registered 501(c)(3) hoofed animal rescue in 2000. This rescue is a long time dream come true for the founders, Regina Martin Allman and David Allman. On October 7th 2005, Hog Heaven Rescue Farm passed the requirements of the 5 year test for a 501(c)(3) by the IRS, and we are as of that date a permanent 501(c)(3). A record of the test can be found at www.irs.gov

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Hog Heaven Rescue Farm is to rescue, rehabilitate and foster abused, neglected and unwanted hoofed animals. We take these animals in and provide vet care, feed and farrier care. We work on getting these animals healthy, physically, emotionally & socially. Then adopt them out to loving forever homes.

The farm operates on the funds provided by the co-founders as well as from increasingly generous community donations.

About Us

David Allman and Regina Martin are both retired Pittsburgh Police Officers that opted for a life in the country. We love taking care of the animals and are rewarded many times over by a nicker, a whinny, and even a kiss now and then.

Regina and David are certified in Large Animal Emergency Rescue and Response. Regina has been a humane officer thru the pa federation of humane society police since 2003.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the animals God has put in our hands need to be taken care of when their life turns bad. Horses, donkeys and mules have been instrumental in our lives as far back as you care to look. You can find them working beside man and providing whatever assistance needed in the bible, the wars, and working the fields. We feel that mankind owes them a good life.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide food, water, shelter and veterinary care to any hoofed animals that were abused, neglected, injured, sick, slaughter bound, or when owners can no longer keep or care for them. We assist with cruelty investigations in cooperation with local humane societies and law enforcement. We also work with other rescues, horse clubs and facilities such as PMU rescue, to help place these orphan animals into new loving and caring homes.
We are an all volunteer organization filled with caring individuals.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help as many animals as possible and attempt to alleviate or eliminate abuse, through education and awareness, by promoting humane ethics. To relieve suffering and provide for humane treatment of all animals in need. It is our hope that someday organizations like ours are no longer needed. We have dreams to keep Hog Heaven Rescue Farm open after our own demise so our goal is to get endowments to keep Hog Heaven Rescue Farm going for as long as it is needed to serve the animals. Due to the change is David's health, we have downsized the rescue to only take in and care for potbelly pigs. Most of the potbellies that come to Hog Heaven live out their lives here. We are also putting a cap on the number of animals that we take in.