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Rebecca Cortes Memorial in memory of Kristan Mosley

Read a letter from the founder of Hog Heaven Rescue Farm in regards to animals who have crossed Rainbow Bridge... HERE.

Helpful information and links during your time of grief. HERE

Celebrating the Memory of Regina's Mother

In Memory of Becky Morris Cortese who was a true beloved friend of Kristan Mosely and her family, a donation has been made to Hog Heaven Rescue Farm. 

Over the years we have seen many of our pigs grow old and finally cross over the rainbow bridge. Rescue is a labor of love and we understand that death comes with that labor of love. It is never easy, but we know that the pigs have lived a great life here. With our older pigs passing, it opens room for some of the MANY pigs looking to be placed. Not a day goes by that I dont get at least one surrender form.  PLEASE do your research prior to getting a pig. 

For those that have visited you will remember Arlo. He is our oldest pig here. He was looking thin like the old man that he is and we started giving him protein drinks and ensure for his evening meal. He looks great and I am confident that he will go thru this winter with no issues. We happily have a hospice with his buddy and veterinarian set up if the weather starts to take it's toll on him.  Thank you to all that have sent him his nighttime goodies.

arlo 8-18