Potbellied Pigs

Potbellied pigs are the "throw away" pets of the 90's. Potbellies, in fact, pigs in general, are very intelligent and loving creatures. There is a nice article on pigs on the In The News Page explaining more about pot belly pigs. And book recommendation on our adoption application page. Become educated on these intelligent creatures. Females are Sows, males are Boars. Pigs are very clean animals. They do not like dirty sleeping quarters. They only wallow in the mud because pigs cannot sweat. Pigs can be housebroken and pig owners swear they are smarter than most dogs. They make good pets if taken care of properly and don't need much food but we know watermelon and pumpkins are a favorite treat. Some of our available pigs are shown below. But of course we have MANY.

The adoption fee for an ADULT PBP is $35.00. The piglet adoption fee will vary according to our Vet expenses. Adoption fees do not include transportation.

No adoptions west of the Mississippi. U.S.A. only.

Applications will only be processed on Wednesdays so please be patient for a response.

The Message Board may have animals available NOT from Hog Heaven but needing homes ... posted as a courtesy.

Potbellied Pig Links follow photos near the end of this page.

Get the printable Potbellied Pig Adoption Agreement HERE ... Please read the FAQs page before filling out an adoption application.

maggie pigpig arlo smokey pumpkin miss Lilly
Maggie PigPig Arlo Smokey Pumpkin Miss Lilly

Maggie arrived with Floyd 3/25/06 Neutered and Microchipped. Owner surrender from same home so it would be nice if they could be adopted together (but not manditory). Update: Floyd crossed to Rainbow Bridge 1/22/11. Floyd never knew he was a pig ... ever since he was with us, he stayed off to himself. (he followed me down the isle at our wedding). He had chosen the horse barn to sleep in - in a corner alone, under a very big pile of hay and straw.. Came when he was called, and LOVED belly rubs. Greeted folks when they enterd the barn (unless it was cold out, then you could find him under his warm pile of hay and straw).
PigPig is sponsored by by Nancy Schaub. PigPig is an older wrinkled gal with a loving heart.
Arlo is very friendly and was adopted out but he became a bit nippy with the children so he came back to Hog Heaven 7/05. He would probably do best with another pig companion or a single pig with no small children.
The Hummer family is sponsoring a pig. We are waiting for their son to pick the pig he wants to sponsor.

faith harley magic pigly wigly charlie
Faith Harley Magic Pigly Wigly Charlie

Faith is a large, white pig. Arrived 5/12/04. Owner surrender as she was eating flowers out of their garden.
Magic is a neutered male that someone just abandoned at the farm one day. Hence, his name "Magic" because he just popped up out of nowhere!
PiglyWigly is several years old and neutered by Hog Heaven vet. He was found in South Carolina roaming the parking lot of a large grocery store - a chain known as Piggly Wiggly (no joke!). He was quite thin and missing his right ear. He arrived at Hog Heaven on 10/17/04. He is about 70 to 80 lbs. He is not overly friendly to people so he would probably do best as an outdoor pig with other pig companions.
Oscar (No photo) is sponsored by Pat Kass.

babe Pig H Pig J Pig L Pig S
Babe Pig H Pig J Pig L Pig S

Babe is a 12 yr. old potbellied pig whose owner passed away. Arrived in 2006. Babe is sponsored by Kriten Kilenda

Don't forget we have ALOT of pigs so it would be impossible to get pictures of each one. We encourage you to stop by the farm in person and pick a piggy please!

12/30/05. 18 more potbellied pigs of various ages from Ohmonee Farm, a sanctuary in Hunker, PA that closed. These did not have names. Some were sponsored and given names later.


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