February 2, 2019

We took in animals from a neglect case last Saturday. We have 6 mini donkeys, (4 jennys and 2 jacks) and 11 sheep (3 rams and 8 ewes). The donks haven't had foot care in 6 years, the sheep haven’t been shorn in 6 years and are a total mess. I have the massage therapist coming today, sheep folks tomorrow to shear and give B12 and probiotics, farrier coming Monday to trim.


October 2018 News

October 2018:

Many things have occurred at Hog Heaven this year. First, David was diagnosed with Parkinson this spring. As can be imagined, it was quite as shock for us. Thankfully the medications that he is on has taken care of the tremors and stuttering. He will have balance issues and memory issues but we are handling them. With that being said, it caused us to really think about Hog Heaven. We have decided to downsize and all of our animals were placed into wonderful loving home.

We are still taking in and housing potbellies as they will not bump David when feeding and knock him over. Unfortunately the need for potbellies is at an all time high. We have changed some of our other pastures into pig areas and pulled the other pastures, sold our trailers and I even found my Missy and Curly Joe new homes.

We are currently housing 34 potbellies from various states. We even have taken some from other humane societies in Ohio and Maryland. I have a waiting list for pigs needing rehomed to Hog Heaven. They must be spayed and neutered prior to coming to us as we lost our local vet that fixed them. All of our pigs are spayed and neutered. Various sizes and colors. The new pastures also include mud holes for them to cool down in when it is warm. We are utilizing our run in sheds and bedding the pigs down in straw.

Arlo is still having in being the oldest pig on the farm. In May I put out and all call for ensure and protein drinks for Arlo. He gets 16 oz of protein with his night time meal. He is maintaining his weight very well and I anticipate that he will do well thru the winter.

Our bank barn is in need of major structural repair and we did a save the barn yard sale and other fundraising to have it done. Unfortunately we have run into contractor issues and even though it was said to be done by mid August, we are still waiting. I have had to turn to our court system to have this barn nightmare rectified. I will keep everyone posted as we had many folks make donations to this huge project.

We are still providing the low cost cat clinics for the community. When the mobile unit cant come here, I load the cats into Hog Heaven's vehicle and transport them to Pittsburgh. We have been doing this for the last 9 years and would love to continue it for the next 9. It is a very needed service for our area.

Please stop by and visit anytime. Our pigs LOVE belly rubs. Please do your research prior to taking a potbelly in. They are very smart pets and you have to know what to expect. Thanks for your support and please know that we couldn't do it without you.

We did have a wedding here in September. You all remember Xena that we adopted? Well, she got got engaged and had her wedding here at the farm. It was the second wedding in a year as Justin and Kristin got married here last October. The farm is a beautiful place for a wedding. We even made a chandelier from a satellite dish!