Note to Potential Sponsor(s):

Our sponsorship program allows those who cannot own an animal or have one at their location, the ability to have one here at Hog Heaven. If you cannot adopt an animal but would like to assist in providing for an animal, you can help support that animal by becoming his/her sponsor. By sponsoring an animal you will help with the care and feeding of that particular animal. You will receive a photo of the animal and a newsletter. This gift is also tax deductible.

If you wish to make a one time donation to help a specific animal your name will be on the Donor page.

Persons sponsoring animals on an annual basis will have their names posted here.


If you'd like to sponsor an animal, send your donation to HHRF, 2681 Mallory Road Cochranton , PA 16314. Or, you can have monthly automatic deductions taken from your PayPal account so you do not need to remember.

Unable to sponsor but would still like to help? Why not visit the "Ways to help" page and donate a bale of straw or a bag of feed?

  • Potbelly pigs  $25 per month
  • Jane Toppo
  • Elliot Taylor 
  • Ignacio Navas
  • Kathy Hoelzle
  • Sophia Camilli
  • Pro Soft - jeans day 
  • Jeannie Arriaga

Remember: Animals can be sponsored by more than one person since care usually exceeds the sponsor donation.