Why we charge adoption fees

Adoption fees help offset the expenses that we incur for every animal brought into the rescue. We do not receive any funding from the city, county or the government. We are solely dependant on ourselves and the kind donations from the public. No one on the board receives a salary. This is an all volunteer organization.

Are there limits to how many can apply for an animal?

Animals for adoption require an adoption application to be filled-out along with the processing fee. Animals listed as ADOPTION PENDING means we have received the processing fee but have NOT received references back. No adoption is FINAL until all references are returned. Adopters are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Why are fees different?

Adoption fees are based on the animals training as well as our basic costs to rehab the animal prior to being available to the public. Most of the animals that we rehab cost far more than we ask in fees so we are never fully compensated. For example, a horse can cost HH 3000.00 or more to rehab. Our main goal is to find good homes so we try to keep our fees reasonable.

Do we adopt out of state?

Yes. A good home is a good home no matter where it is. However, we like to be able to inspect the home prior to the animal leaving so we only adopt east of the Mississippi and only in the U.S.A.

Do we board?

HHRF is not a boarding facility. However, we do offer short term boarding for animals that have been adopted by us so that the adopters can ready their own facility. Board begins to take effect 7 days after the animal has been approved for adoption. Since we take the animal off the available list, our board fee is $100.00 a month or $3.33 per day. Adopter is also responsible for any vet bills, farrier bills, deworming paste needed during the animals stay here. As long as an adopted animal remains here, we still need to care for it daily and it is using space that we could be using to help another animal in need. It is our hope that their new home will be ready within 30 days so we can help another animal. ALPACA 10 days after adoption is approved there is a monthly fee of $50.00 to purchase their feed.

Why is there a processing fee?

We require a 20.00 processing fee before we research applications due to the fact that we have run into people who have put in applications then disappear. Verifying applications and inspecting properties is time consuming. The fee is used to pay for gas as well as our time spent with the verification process. The application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE, however, the application fee will be applied to the adoption fee if your application is approved. To ensure you are interested we will NOT process your application until this fee has been paid. NOTE: the first person to pay the $20.00 fee is the first person to be considered for adoption. We do not hold on the promise of checks and paperwork "in the mail". If there is an application and fee paid online then that person is considered first.

Why is there a deposit required to HOLD my animal?

After your application has been approved we require a $50.00 deposit to HOLD your animal. Again this fee is applicable to your final adoption fee. Animals that have been approved for adoption are removed from the herd and readied for their new homes. Once removed we could be losing a possible adopter. Therefore, this deposit is NOT refundable should you change your mind about adopting.

Is there a time Limitation on Application Responses?

We would prefer once you submit an application and we send out our reference letters that we get a response within a week. Please let your vet know we must have his reference back within 10 days or we will place the animal back up for adoption. Sorry, but we have run into some vets who have waited over a month to return references. This is frustrating to you, the possible adopter, and to us, waiting for a response. We know your vet is very busy and hope he can find time to respond in a timely manner.

What health history comes with the animal?

Animals are given necessary inoculations when they arrive and are given exams by our vet, dentist and farrier. They are also de-wormed. If it is an equine, a Neg Coggins will be drawn by our vet between the time you are approved and when the animal leaves to your home. (Unless they came with one that is current). During their stay with us prior to adoption, their vet bills, farrier bills and de-worming expenses are taken care of by HHRF. However, if you adopt an animal before booster shots are due, YOU are responsible for the boosters.(See boarding question above).

Can I return the animal?

Yes. If we have room we will gladly take back any animal adopted from our rescue. However, we do NOT refund your adoption fee or any other fees you incurred while the animal was in your care, when the animal is returned for ANY reason. And you are responsible for all costs incurred to return the animal to us. We hope you understand that once an animal is adopted we use that adoption fee to help another animal in need and to help with the expenses of caring for the returned animal until a new home can be found.

Why can't I breed my animal?

The need for rescues is because there are many animals in the world who do not have homes because there are not enough homes to go around. Bringing another animal into the world when there are so many in need already is not something we are comfortable advocating. Therefore, any animal adopted cannot be bred.

Are the animals trained and healthy?

It is our policy that every animal who comes into HHRF is brought up to date with vaccinations, dental, farrier, and deworming. They are evaluated as to training or lack thereof. If the animal is in poor condition and needs rehabilitated before it is available, we see to its needs. We are a rescue facility for animals in need. We are NOT a training facility. We work with the animals to find their best qualities such as ground manners, riding ability, personality etc. but we do not re-train them. If they are shy we try to encourage them to re-learn trust. We socialize them with daily care, vet visits, farrier visits and volunteers who offer hands on care. We have no trainer to work with animals who are 'green' or have developed riding or handling issues. If the animal is listed as ride-able the description means our Vet has found it to be sound, it is not a guarantee of its training. If our Vet feels the adopter needs to be aware of any limitations on riding we post that in the description. If it is NOT ride-able we adopt them as companions only. We strive to be as honest as possible with descriptions of the animals for adoption so that you and they are good matches.

Can I give my own shots?

Each anniversary we send out forms to keep track of the animals we have adopted out. We require photos and updated health info. Yes, you can give your own vaccinations. We do our animals too. But PA state law requires Rabies must be given by a Vet.

I don't have a horse trailer, how will I get my pet here?

HHRF can haul your new fur kid to your home for fuel costs. Please let us know when filling out an application that you are interested in us hauling for you. The adoption fee does not include transporting. We will quote you a fee for this service.

Why can't my fence be barb wire?

Although barbed wire has been used by many people without incidence, we have seen what barbed wire can do to a horse that gets entangled in it. Horses run and play and can, and have, slipped into the wire and have gotten badly hurt. We just don't want to take a chance of that happening.

What is a Foster Animal verses a Permanent Foster Animal?

A foster animal is an animal you take into your home to work with and love while it awaits an adoptive home. This gives it a one on one experience and lets us have room to take in another animal in need. A permanent foster is an animal who has special needs requiring extensive vet care and most likely not a realistic adoption candidate due to the costs of maintaining the animal. If you have further questions we have not covered here, please email us. There is more info on the application itself.