Adoption Agreement for Potbellied Pig

Adoption Agreement for Potbellied Pig

This is an agreement between the adopter and Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc.   Hog Heaven does not sell any of the animals we have taken in, however, we do foster them out to loving, caring homes. All boys are neutered but the spaying of the girls is up to the new owners. Females can be a little "pmsy" and each pig should be evaluated on an individual basis. It is highly recommended that the new owner purchase the book, Book of Pot Bellied Pig Parenting by Nancy Shepard. Nancy's phone number is 573-698-3030. The book is excellent and covers all information needed to provide a happy, healthy home for your new pet. It is important not to over feed these animals. The donation fee for our ADULT POT BELLIED PIGS is $35.00. Spayed and neutered baby pot belly pigs are $_________. Cost reflects what the Vet charges us to have this done. This donation is to help offset the costs of caring for them. These piglets have been free roaming with their herd and will settle down very quickly. Piglets squeal when picked up. That is their only defense.
Any questions, feel free to call. If we don't know the answer, we will find it.

Pigs may be adopted out to homes agreeing to the following:
  1. a secure fenced-in yard or pasture no smaller than 50 X 100 feet.
  2. a shelter constructed to keep the animal warm, dry, and draft free with clean straw for bedding. Pigs keep their sleeping quarters clean.
  3. available shade in the summer. Pigs DO sunburn!
  4. a pond or watering hole or kiddy pool with access to mud for wallowing to keep them cool in summer as pigs cannot sweat.
  5. No children in the home under the age of 10 unless farm and livestock safety is practiced in everyday life. Pigs are not safe around small children and can snap off fingers or even an entire hand if the child moves too fast and scares it. This is not meanness it is their defense when frightened.

By signing this contract, the adopter agrees to provide the necessary food and care for these animals and agrees to return the pig to Hog Heaven Rescue Farm if at any time the adopter decides that he/she no longer wants them. Your vet MUST send his refrence to us within 10 days or the animal(s) will be put back up for adoption and the processing fee will not be refunded. Sorry, but we have had far too many vets take months to send us refrences.

You will be required to complete and sign a hard copy of this agreement when you collect your pig.

First Name*
Last Name*
Email Address*
Home Phone*
Mobile Phone
Work Phone
Address Line 1*
Address Line 2
Veterinarian's Name
Veterinarian's Phone Number
Veterinarian's Address Line 1
Veterinarian's Address Line 2
Does your vet work with PB pigs
Names and phone numbers of 2 Personal References
Name of piggy (if listed)
Do you own or rent
Does local zoning allow pet pigs
Do you have a fenced yard
What type of fence
Do you have a tight, well insulated outdoor house for a pig
Do you have a way to heat this house in cold weather
Do you have a spot for a wading pool or mudhole for summer
Is there a shaded area in the pig yard
Are you aware that some pigs will root your yard
Are you aware that the likely size of an adult full grown pot bellied pig is approx. 150 pounds
Do you have now or have you ever had a pet pig
If "Yes", please tell us about him/her
Would you be willing to adopt a pair of pigs who were buddies
Do you agree to return the pig to HHRF if you can no longer keep him
Ages of any children living in the home
Type(s) of other pets living in the home, if any
I am aware that I am responsible for ALL costs incurred should I need to return an animal to HHRF. And that HHRF does NOT refund any adoption fees.
I am enclosing the $20 application fee to hold this pig during the reference check
How will payment of this fee be made


I have read the FAQ page of this website
I need hauling service
I agree to the terms in the contract and attached a copy of my SS number and drivers license


Signature_________________________________________________ Date ______