Our Wonderful Volunteers

These are the people who give unselfishly of their free time to help clean the stalls, build buildings, fix fences, paint, create crafts, feed and socialize the animals, and generally do what ever needs doing...all for the benefit of the animals. Kudos to you all for your generosity.

TheĀ Events Photo Album has some pictures of volunteers and our activities. ONLY the current year will be posted.

Our Regulars

Without their help, we'd be lost. ...

  • Cookie Stein - note card creation, sales and shipping. Scrap booking and photography.
  • The entire Strnisa family
  • Elizabeth Allin
  • Bridget Herbin
  • Jean State and Sue Marshall, equine massage therapists who come and massage the horses and sometimes help with stall cleaning or whatever needs done every Tuesday
  • Vo-Tech Students come to water and brush as often as they can
  • Allegheny College Students also come on occasional weekends
  • Duquesne College Students also come occasionally

2/13/10 Pittsburgh Yarn Festival Volunteers: Thank you to our Coat check gals, Bridget and Sherry . Ball winders and Julie and Jane ... (yarn junkies) Erin and Rachelle ... Thanks ladies ... as always, couldn't have done it without you!! Regina