Goats and Sheep

The baby doll south down sheep adoption fee is $300 per animal. They will require yearly shearing. This year's shearing will remove the rest of the neglected wool and allow next year with proper nutrition to be what it should be.

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A Note About Goats and Sheep:

The Message Board has Animals available but NOT from Hog Heaven and needing homes. (Posted as a courtesy)

Please read the FAQs page prior to filling out an application for adoption. NO adoptions west of the Mississippi. U.S.A. only.

Goats and sheep make wonderful companion animals for horses. They also enjoy each others company and you will enjoy watching them jump and play. Goats can become quite attached to their owners and will happily follow you around if you spend time with them. They are quite personable. They also are terrific in keeping down the lawn and weeds and can even eat poison ivy without any harmful effects. They are easy keepers and require little or no grain. Females are called doe's. Males are called billys and neutered males are called weathers. Weathers do not have any of the odor associated with billys. There are many breeds of goats. Nubians have long floppy ears, Alpines have perky ears. Lamancha's have almost no ear at all. Saanens are the best milk producers. etc. All make wonderful pets.

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