Equine Surrender

We cannot guarantee we will have room to take in your animal.

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Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc. realizes that when one rescues a horse or pony from auctions or seizures that it is virtually impossible to get an accurate history, however, for those owners who bring their horse to Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc. for placement, we now require that the following form be completed. (Please record only first-hand information, and known facts only....no speculation, please.)

Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc. does NOT purchase horses for re-sale. Animals sent to Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc. as owner surrenders become the property of Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc. and will be placed as per our adoption contract. Fees obtained by adopting out this horse belong to Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc. to offset the cost of his or her care while living here. And to help the animals that remain on the premises. If you have an animal that needs to be surrendered and you cannot bring it to us, we can do the hauling but we will charge for the fuel.

All horses will be placed into loving caring pre-inspected homes. We will only place the animal in an adoptive home that fits the animal. If it is not for riding it will NOT be placed as a riding animal for example. We screen our adoptors carefully and follow up frequently to make sure the animal is being properly cared for throughout its life. And to assure ourselves of the animals safety and well being.

We may not have a stall available to take in your horse right away so if you are considering surrendering an animal please fill this out and we can put him or her on the waiting list.

Horses surrendered to Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc. must have a current Coggins (6 mo or less) and a Health certificate signed by a Vet within 1 week prior to us picking them up.

Persons surrendering the horse will be responsible for our fuel costs to haul.

ONCE YOU SURRENDER AN ANIMAL VIA THIS FORM IT BECOMES THE LEGAL PROPERTY OF Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc.. (Providing we have room and have agreed to take it in).


This surrender form is for all equines (horses, mules, and donkeys) ONLY. Please make sure you are filling out the correct surrender form.

This Surrender application consists of the following: The Terms of Release and Surrender and the forms Equine Surrender Part #1 and Equine Surrender Part #2. Ultimately, within the surrender process, all 3 pieces will require your signature. We recommend that you first complete the form on screen. Once completed, print the page. Doing so results in 3 separate printed pages. One page will print the Terms, one page will print the form Part #1 (including your entries), and the 3rd will print these instructions (which you can discard, if you wish). YOU MUST PRINT AND/OR SEND PART #1 OF THE FORM BEFORE MOVING TO PART #2 OR YOU WILL LOSE ALL ENTRIES.
Once completed, proceed to Equine Surender Part #2, complete the form and print the page (which will include your entries). Sign the agreement, sign both parts of the form, and mail everything to Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc..


Terms of Release and Surrender for Adoption:

Having sole ownership of said equine, I/we the undersigned, do hereby agree to surrender to Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc., the following equine for adoption placement. DO NOT fill out this form and submit it unless you are certain you are ready to surrender your animal. Once your animal has been surrendered to Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc. the animal legally belongs to Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc.

Signature_________________________________________________ Date ______

Signature of Hog Heaven Representative_____________________________________________



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"Call" Name
Registered Name
Registration Number
Breed Type
Height and Weight
Color and Markings


From whom did you obtain possession of this equine
Is this equine rideable
If not rideable, please state why
Riding style (English/Western)
Age(s) of children who rode
Type of bit used
Has the animal been shown? If so, where?
Any professional training? by whom? for how long?

Biting and/or nipping
Kicking and/or rearing
Cribbing / stall weaving
Loads in trailer
Stands in cross ties
Behaves during tacking up
Is used to clippers
Good for inoculations
Easy to Paste Worm
Good for Farrier
OK with Floating

Feed brand and % of protien
Amount of daily food and times fed per day
Favorite treats or suppliments

Name, address, & phone # of boarding facility (if any)
Is equine stalled regularly, out on pasture full time or other daily routine
Type of fence equine is used to. Is it familiar with electric fencing, etc.

Veterinarian's Name
Veterinarian's Phone Number
Veterinarian's Address Line 1
Veterinarian's Address Line 2
Farrier Name
Farrier Phone Number
Farrier's Address Line 1
Farrier's Address Line 2
Equine's dentist Name
Equine's dentist Phone Number
Equine's dentist Address Line 1
Equine's dentist Address Line 2
Date of last Coggins
Date of last worming and type of wormer used
Dates of last innoculations and what was given
Date of last farrier visit and what was done


Signature_________________________________________________ Date ______