Alpaca Adoption

Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc. is thrilled to offer gelded male alpacas for adoption as pets and /or fiber animals. They can be shown at the alpaca shows and are used for agility. People are also starting to do therapy work with these wonderful gentile animals.

Alpacas are very easy to fall in love with. Most are very people friendly, but as with all animals, you get out of them the time that you spend with them. All are registered animals. If you do not live a rural area, please check to make sure you are zoned to have them. We have no way to answer that question for you.

Alpacas are considered easy keepers. They are part of the Camlelid family, have padded feet versus hooves and are a herd animal. As a herd animal they do not do well living alone, therefore there must be at least two of them adopted (unless you already have them or llamas). Requirements for keeping alpacas include woven fencing to keep any predator animals away as they have no defense, at least a three sided shed to get out of the weather and rain, fresh water and 2nd cutting grass hay in the winter. If kept on a dry feed lot, they require hay all year round. Monitoring their body condition will guide you in determining their need for additional nutrition and/or supplements. They love to have a pile of sand or gravel to run on and play. I am not aware of alpaca’s being housed with any other type of animals, so it is suggested that they be housed separately.

As a fiber animal, alpacas need to be shorn once a year. Their fiber has many uses and is wonderful. Shearing is important and so is the technique of the shear-er. These animals can be injured if restrained improperly. Names of shear-er's who are familiar doing alpacas can usually be obtained by contacted another alpaca farm in your area. We stress the importance of having the alpacas shorn annually. This is a health issue. Alpacas are very susceptible to heat stroke. Leaving fleece on the animal for the summer contributes to this problem.

There is monthly maintenance that is needed of worming, trimming toes and sometimes teeth on an as needed basis. They use a community potty pile that needs to be cleaned up regularly. The worming is very important as they can be stricken with meningeal worm – which can be fatal unless caught very early. Please educate yourself on this issue before adoption so you understand the need for this routine care. Hog Heaven also requires that you research and find a vet in your area that is experienced in Camelids and call and talk to them. Make sure they are taking new clients.

Hog Heaven suggests that you do your research on these animals. There are many care books available and we highly suggest that you invest in having a few on your farm for reference.

Thank you for your interest in adopting. Please fill out the adoption form and submit it along with the $20 processing fee and photos of your facility. This fee will be applied toward your adoption fee of $400 per alpaca. There is also a manditory $20 purchase of an Alpaca book with the adoption. The costs to have the registration changed to include your name are not included in the adoption fee.

These animals will be processed as a first come basis. Once the adoption form and processing fee is submitted, your name will be placed on the animal as adoption pending. That is the first step in the process. Once I have the vet reference returned (if you have a different vet that cares for your other animals, you should list that one for your animals care references), then I will do the personal references and notify you of your approval. Your vet MUST send his refrence to us within 10 days or the animal(s) will be put back up for adoption and the processing fee will not be refunded. Sorry but we have had far too many vets take months to send us refrences.

As with all of Hog Heaven’s animals, you will be required to fill out the yearly updates and notify us of any illness or death.

Delivery is not included in the adoption fee. This fee goes back into the rescue to allow us to care for other animals.

This adoption application is for Alpaca ONLY. Please make sure you are filling out the correct form.

First Name*
Last Name*
Email Address*
Home Phone*
Mobile Phone
Work Phone
Address Line 1*
Address Line 2
Housing location for the alpaca
Type of housing for the alpaca
Type of fencing to be used
Camelid Veterinarian's Name
Veterinarian's Phone Number
Veterinarian's Address Line 1
Veterinarian's Address Line 2
Names and phone numbers of 2 Personal References
For your State, what tests are required to import alpaca
Other animals at your facility

Name of alpaca of interest
Name of 2nd alpaca of interest
Are you comfortable giving injections
Are you comfortable giving oral de-wormers
Are you comfortable trimming toenails
If "No" to any of the previous 3, are you willing to learn
Aware of the HHRF yearly update requirement

I am aware the adoption fee per alpaca is $400 and that if I am approved, the $20 application fee will be applied to the adoption fee. If not approved, I am aware the application fee is NON REUNDABLE. I am aware that along with adopting, I must purchase from HH the alpaca care book for $20. I am also aware that hauling the animal is not included in the adoption fee.

I have read the above regarding the adoption fee and transport
I am aware that I am responsible for ALL costs incurred should I need to return an animal to HHRF and that HHRF does NOT refund any adoption fees.
I am submitting the $20 application fee (per animal) with this application
I need hauling service
I agree to the terms in the contract and attached a copy of my SS number and drivers license

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